Need a good Sunset to heal the soul?
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We specialize in Warm Tropical Places, Ocean, Wellness & more. We enjoy showing people out-of-the-way, lesser known spots but with casual luxury in mind. Do you like to Scuba Dive? Maybe sail on your own boat? Like learning about the various cultures? Maybe you need a detox or to sit quietly and regroup.

Let us help you!

Let us help you travel to your paradise
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Our agents are here to listen and guide you to your paradise no matter where it might be. We have access to Virtuoso preferred partners who offer added amenities to our clients. Some examples of those are resort credits, breakfast each morning, upgrades & early check-in or late check-out  (if available), & more.  

About Finding Paradise With Sue

Owner and Founder - Susan (Sue) Jeske

A lot of people ask why I became a Travel Advisor. It was a decision I did not take lightly. My background started as a bookkeeper. The planning and organizing of various businesses profits and losses. But I found myself unchallenged. I took on planning a big Bucket List trip for our family, as I love to do, and realized that the value of having someone else plan it for me would have paid off in the time I took researching and calling and planning the trip myself. At the time I was in between jobs and still raising our son, so I had the time. When we returned, my wonderful husband turned to me on our flight home and said "Why don't you look at becoming a Travel Agent when we get back?" And so I did. I took courses at a local community college on travel, then I went out into the world of travel agents. I took it slow but eventually joined forces with Travelwize, a Virtuoso affiliated agency, and found my purpose. After seeing how everyone can be a "travel agent" but becoming a Travel Advisor was more about helping after carefully listening to my clients. Advising them of what would help them most in deciding on the best itinerary for them, was invigorating.
You can click here to see my Virtuoso profile and see some of the wonderful amenities I can offer you, but we are so much more than that. Just ask!

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  • Sue Jeske, Owner/Founder of Finding Paradise With Sue
  • Email: Sue@FPwithSue
  • Phone Number: 669-888-4038
  • Text to: 408-621-3453
  • Typical work hours: Monday thru Sunday 9 to 6 
  • We are currently in Florida but my cell number and my heart remain in California